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3 places fat can be useful in plastic surgery

Some patients come to me requesting liposuction – a contouring procedure where fat cells are reduced in certain areas. What they don’t always know is that the fat taken from those areas (usually abdomen, flanks, arms and thighs) can be grafted and used as a versatile enhancement procedure that strategically re-purposes body fat.



“Repurposing fat or fat grafting can minimize signs of aging in the face or add volume to other parts of the body, such as the breasts and buttocks”



1.Fat grafting to the face

Facial fat transfer can be used to add volume, fill hollows and help re-shape the face to a more youthful contour. It can also be used to improve the appearance of skin including improvement of pitted scars from acne. It is done as a stand alone procedure or as an adjunct to other facial cosmetic procedures such as facelift surgery or eyelid surgery.

2. Fat grafting to the breasts

Breast fat grafting works well to enhance the appearance and size of the breasts in a natural way, as your own body fat is being used. There are limitations to what is possible and generally you can increase the breasts by half to one cup size in a single session of fat grafting. The procedure can be repeated a number of times and I would suggest waiting at least 6 months before repeating the procedure again. If you are looking for at least 1-2 cup size increase or an augmented look then breast fat grafting is not for you.

3. Fat grafting to the buttocks

Buttock fat grafting (or the brazillian butt lift as it is more commonly known) is similar in concept to breast fat grafting in that your own natural fat is re-purposed to increase the size of your buttocks in a similar manner to breast fat grafting. There are a few important differences though. In buttock fat grafting what you take away is just as important as what you put in- creating a sculpted waistline (the taking away part) is just as important in creating the contour of the buttock as the fat grafting (putting in part) where fat is injected directly into the buttocks. Secondly you need a lot more volume for buttock fat grafting- anywhere from 500 mls to 2000 mls in total. Breast fat grafting typically uses smaller volumes- around 200 mls to 1000 mls in total.

If you’re considering fat grafting, or have some questions….get in touch with us