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Dr Rory Dower

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Visia Skin Analysis

Our medical spa is led by specialists in the medical field and our philosophy is to be scientific and ethical in choosing the treatments and products we prescribe for you.

Our Visia Skin Analysis is no average skin consultation. Our aesthetician is highly trained to use this latest digital imaging technology to understand aspects of your skin that are invisible to the naked eye. She will address your concerns and your skin’s challenges by making treatment and product recommendations, with a long-term plan, set out according to your budget. The Visia Skin Analysis also gives us a scientific way of measuring the results we achieve for your skin.

Visia skin and complexion analysis reveals and measures:

Our skin consultation with Visia Skin Analysis is done in our glass room. Your face is placed in a photo booth and a special lens takes photos under different light conditions, from different angles. Our aesthetician will discuss the results displayed on the screen, running through your skin’s strengths and challenges. She’ll then make recommendations to help you reach optimum skin health.

Today, you have a variety of good options that are more financially accessible than you may think. At specialist led medical spas like ours, you can access high quality medical grade treatments with prescription-strength active ingredients, which are proven to make a difference to your skin’s quality on a cellular level. We are proud to say that our skin consultation is one of a kind. When you see the results of the investment you make in your skin, we believe you will be motivated and inspired.

We are excited to go on this skin care journey with you and to help you look the best version of yourself, at every age.

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