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Virtual Consultations

A New Way in Plastic Surgery

In today’s world, virtual Consultations have become an increasingly popular option for both “out of town’ patients, as well as those who live locally, but lead busy lives and find the idea of consulting from the comfort of their home or office appealing. Dr Dower uses an interactive visualisation and patient education platform called TouchMD, to enrich his patient’s experience during these consultations. Once you’ve registered, you will have a profile that serves as your base for delving a bit deeper. You can use your TouchMD profile to explore what to expect with your cosmetic procedure, as well as learn more about our practice.

How does an Online Consultation Work?

Dr Dower’s team will facilitate your virtual consultation through 10 easy steps. You will receive an email from TouchMD and will need to follow the prompts to access your patient portal. Using your MyTouchMD app you will be able to read information sheets relevant to your planned consultation, as well as sign the necessary forms and consents. You will find examples of the required photographs and be able to upload your own photos to be used during the consultation safely and securely. Dr Dower also asks that you take some time to write an email to him explaining the reason for your interest in the particular surgery and the expectations you have. He also encourages you to include photographs of examples of what your desired outcome looks like (in particular with breast procedures). Dr Dower will review this, along with your photographs, prior to speaking with you.

When it is almost time for your virtual consult with Dr Dower, his staff will send you a meeting invite to our online platform, with a link for you to accept. Once this is done and it’s time for the meeting you will click to join and your consult will be ready to begin.

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Virtual Consultations FAQs

How long will the virtual consultation be?

A virtual consultation takes approximately 30 minutes

When can I expect to receive the quotation?

A formal quotation will be received within 1 to 3 working days.

How long after my consultation do I have to wait for my procedure date?

This is dependent on Dr Dower’s current theatre schedule and the duration of the surgery that you are interested in booking.

Do I need to pay a deposit for my procedure?

Full payment secures your surgery date.

Will I have a face-to-face appointment with Dr Dower prior to my procedure?

Your pre-operative appointment will usually take place the day following your arrival in Cape Town, once you’ve had a chance to settle in. It is important to know that neither you nor Dr Dower is obliged to go ahead with the surgical procedure until this thorough assessment has been done and if, for whatever reason, either you or he is uncomfortable with proceeding, the cost of the surgery will be refunded. Please note that there is a very important emphasis on you as the patient, providing Dr Dower (at the time of your virtual consultation) with a good understanding of your expectations, your correct medical information, and accurate photographs. This will help avoid the possibility of this occurring.

How long would I need to be in the Somerset West area post-op?

This depends on the nature of the procedure and the level of post-operative monitoring and care that is required. Although it is specific for each procedure, the duration ranges generally from 5 days to 2 weeks after surgery.