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5 steps to increase collagen in your skin

Did you know that collagen is your skin’s scaffolding? Preserving and stimulating collagen production should be HIGH up on your list of priorities in skin care. Let’s face it…we are all going to age, we just want look and feel our best at every stage!

Did you know that collagen breakdown starts as early as 30 years old?

The good news is that it is not too late to start, but consistency is key. Let’s start investing in your skin together and start your collagen journey so that you can enjoy the benefits of years of good collagen.

What is Collagen?
Collagen is a protein that is made in the deeper layers of the skin which is called your dermis. Situated in the dermis you have cells, called fibroblasts, which stimulate cells to produce the collagen protein. It’s important to make sure that we are continuing this process on a regular basis.

What causes the loss of collagen within our skins?
There are two factors:
Internal (genetics /inherited) and External (smoking, and most importantly excessive UV Exposure)

What are the signs of collagen loss?
– Textural issues, dryness, and dehydration
– Loss of volume
– Loss of skin elasticity
– Wrinkles

What is the plan of action to stop or slow down this process?
Well, like anything in life good things take time and effort. Here are 5 things you can do to boost your skin’s collagen production and decrease it’s breakdown:

1. Wear a sunscreen all the time! You can learn more about how to choose the right sun block for you by clicking here
2. Use antioxidants – these are powerful active serums that are applied to your skin, under your creams. Some of the best types of anti-oxidants are Resveratrol (found in grapes), caffeine, and al ascorbic acid (a stable form of vitamin C).
3. Incorporate Vitamin A into your skin care regimen. Vitamin A comes in many different forms but is most commonly known as retinol. It is advised to have professional advice before using this and to introduce it to your skin gradually.
4. Start micro-needling and non-invasive treatments like dermal filler injections, to stimulate collagen within.
5. Supplement your collagen levels orally. Ask us how…

At our clinic, we offer specific home care products, chosen by our medical specialists due to their most advanced, active ingredients and sound clinical studies.

The safest way to introduce these wonderful ingredients and to start your treatment plan with us, would be to have a scientific skin consultation which will guide you in the right direction and most importantly the safest approach.

So, it’s never too late, give your skin the best anti-aging boost you can, and experience the feeling of complete collagen bliss.

For any queries or to book a COMPLIMENTARY consult with our professional skin expert Kayleigh, get in touch with us.

As featured in our June Skin Therapy Newsletter