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How do you know when your friend’s had dermal filler?

Have you ever noticed your friend is looking fresher and younger, but can’t put your finger on what’s different? It could be that he/she has had dermal filler injections. In this blog, I’ll tell you more about how to spot the difference facial filler makes, and understand more about filler in general.

Dermal Filler is the injection of a gel like substance under the skin (usually hyaluronic acid). It is used to diminish facial lines and restore volume and fullness to the face.

A friend who’s had filler injected under the eye will have less of a hollowing and a smoother contour. There can also be lightening of dark rings as there’s less of a shadow cast now that the contour is smoother.

It’s interesting to know that the folds around your mouth don’t actually deepen as you age. Instead, they are the result of soft tissue drooping from upper sections of the face. When filler is injected into the cheek, it adds volume to the tissue in the cheek and pulls the skin up. This softens the lines around the mouth and helps lift the jowls. Although subtle, these are other ‘tell tale” signs of filler injections

For the right candidates, and when done well, filler injection to the lips won’t always be noticeable. But it will create interest and add a youthful, appealing appearance. This Click here to watch what one of my patients has to say about this procedure

Having dermal filler is a quick procedure that can be done in doctors’ rooms.
There’s very little downtime with filler. On the day of injection, you can expect some redness, swelling and sensitivity and there may be some bruising. These symptoms are resolved within a few days.
Results last around 12-18 months and when done well, filler injections can create a powerful yet natural result.

If you were thinking about filler but still had some questions, I hope I’ve answered them here. To answer more of your questions about dermal filler, visit our website or get in touch.