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When is a breast lift needed with a breast augment?

Many women are looking for increased fullness, especially of the upper poles. This can be achieved by either fat grafting or by insertion of implants. Sometimes breast enhancement surgery is not enough to create the results you are looking for and a breast lift may be suggested by your surgeon.

It is interesting to note that breast augmentations remain one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world, and outrank many other surgeries like the tummy tuck.

Breastfeeding, weight loss or just simple ageing can cause the nipples to sit low and breast enhancement alone may not be enough to correct this drooping. A breast lift (mastopexy) procedure raises the nipple to its ideal position and tightens the breast tissue around it.

So, when is a lift needed with breast augmentation procedures to get the best results?
• If the nipple points downward (or sits at the bottom of the breast)
• When there is no visible skin under the nipple/areola when looking at the breasts straight on
• When breast drooping is moderate to severe

It’s important not to got too big in implant size when a lift is done as this creates strain on the incisions and increases the risk of compllications like wound break down

A breast lift alone (without an augment), may be right if you:
• Are already a C or D cup and don’t want to be
• You want a decrease in the size of your areola

It’s important for your surgeon to understand your goals so that he/she can make specific recommendations for you.  Good communication between patient and surgeon and proper preoperative planning helps ensure you have the highest possible satisfaction after surgery.

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This was featured in our January 2019 Therapy Specialist Medical Spa Newsletter.