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Payment Policies

Cosmetic Procedures

Payment of non-surgical treatments, such as Anti-Wrinkle Injections® Cosmetic and dermal fillers, is payable at the time of service by cash or credit card.

Payment for surgery is preferably made by electronic funds transfer, but we do also accept all major credit cards (an additional 2% transaction fee will be levied). A deposit of R5000 is required to schedule surgery and full payment is required 2 weeks prior to any procedure. Financing and insurance options are available. We try to avoid handling cash at our office, so please be mindful of this policy.

If the procedure is cancelled more than 3 weeks prior to the scheduled date or within 3 weeks in the case of a medical emergency, the deposit will be refunded in full.
In the case of cancellation within 3 weeks of the planned surgery date, the payment will be paid back in full, less the deposit. Alternatively, the deposit can be carried over for a new booking within 6 months.

Reconstructive Procedures And Medical Aid Patients

The practice is a Designated Service Provider of Discovery Classic Plans only. For all other medical schemes, we charge above RPL rates. Any request for payment arrangements different to those set out must please be discussed prior to being seen or treated.

In Rooms

Consultation and procedures done in rooms are payable at the time of service. The cost of these procedures will vary – an estimate can be provided beforehand on request. Following a procedure, there will be no charge for routine follow-up appointments and you will only be billed for consumables used. If however, a complication or new clinical condition arises, this will be charged accordingly. You will be issued with a receipt, which you may use to claim from your medical aid and which will reimburse you according to your choice of plan.

In Hospital

For planned in-hospital procedures, our Practice Administrator will advocate on your behalf to obtain authorization from your medical aid. Before surgery, we will provide you with a quotation and the relevant information that you need to contact your medical aid to confirm any shortfall that may be liable. It is important to note that during surgery, interventions or actions may arise which necessitate different or additional procedures to those displayed in your quotation. If this does occur, we will adjust the claim and request retrospective authorization on your behalf. This may result in additional shortfalls being incurred. Dr Dower will always exercise his best professional judgment in making such decisions, which he deems necessary and in the best interests of you, his patient.

For emergency in-hospital procedures, where you are treated for an emergency PMB condition, we will motivate for full payment from the medical scheme on your behalf.