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Scar Management

Time to heal – advice on how to get the best outcome for your scar after surgery.

A scar is made up of fibrous tissue, which is why it looks different from normal skin. It will go through 3 stages

  1. Inflammatory phase (lasts 2-3 days). Your body is working to plug the wound, prevent infection and remove any dead tissue
  2. Proliferative phase (lasts 3-6 weeks). Like throwing a whole lot of plaster on a wall, this is a rapid rebuilding phase where new cells migrate to the area to rebuild and repair damaged tissue
  3. Re-modelling phase This “buffing/polishing and fine-tuning” phase can last up to a year. Your scar may change over this time, either improving or in some cases getting worse.

There are well documented preventative measures you can take to improve the appearance of your scar. These are some options which we recommend and offer at Skintherapy – Specialist Aesthetic Clinic

You are welcome to contact our team to get further advice

Remember to be delicate with your wound in the first 2-3 weeks while it is healing, to avoid disruption.